Uncle Farmer is Ben Schreiber on fiddle and Michael Sokolovsky on guitar. With an Irish and New England sound at its core, the duo is known for its original dance tunes, modern twists on old favorites, and sets mixed with pop rhythms and improvisational flair. Their performances range from sweet and nostalgic to gritty and energetic, and their sound truly fills both the room and the hearts of dancers.

Ben Schreiber Michael Sokolovsky
Fiddle Guitar, Foot Percussion

Contact: unclefarmercontra@gmail.com

Date   Venue
2016December30 Boulder, CO waltz night
2016December31 Fort Collins, CO NYE contra dance
2017February24-26 Fairbanks, AK Winter Dance Weekend
2017March3 Phinney Ridge, WA contra dance
2017March4 Bellingham, WA contra dance
2017March12 Palo Alto, CA Contra College
2017April7-9 Aptos, CA Queer Contra Dance Camp
2017June2 Phinney Ridge, WA contra dance
2017June3 Corvallis, OR contra dance
2017June4 Portland, OR contra dance
2017September1-4 Julian, CA Labor Day Dance Away
2018February16-18 Corvallis, OR Corvallis Dance Weekend